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Friedrich Chill Premier 6,000

If you have a large master bedroom, this Friedrich Chill window air conditioner can handle it — the 8,000 BTU model can cool down rooms up to 350 square feet. Light sleepers will enjoy how quietly this conditioner operates, with minimal noise so you won’t be kept awake all night by a whirring sound. The unit also oscillates left and right as it cools the space, so your entire room will get an even cool.

Trying to save on your electricity bill? You’ll be happy to hear that this model is Energy Star rated, so you won’t have to keep cool at the expense of sky-high energy costs. The unit can be installed easily in a window, or in a wall up to 7.5 inches deep, and the power cord can run to the left or right, depending on where the outlet is located in your space, giving you added flexibility.

#2 Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5, 000 BTU 

Believe it or not, the least expensive model on our list is also our favorite. This 5,000-BTU unit, which works very well in rooms up to 150 square feet, got top marks from our tester: “It makes the room nice and cold, even on the low setting,” she said. Although it doesn’t come with a remote, timer, or digital thermostat, it features seven temperature settings, two fan settings, and two cool settings.

Plus, though it’s fairly compact—just 15 x 16 x 12 inches—users can install side panels to fit windows up to 36 inches wide. It also comes with a one-year warranty. In terms of downsides, our tester wished it came with a longer power cord: “You’ll need an extension cord if your window isn’t near an outlet,” one said, “which actually isn’t recommended for air conditioners, so it’s not ideal.”

#3 LG LW1216ER 12,000 BTU

Anyone with a larger living room or loft space should check out the LG LW1216ER. This 12,000-BTU air conditioner is bulkier than other options on our list (at roughly 24 x 15 x 22 inches), but it has the power to back it up: it can cool rooms up to 550 square feet. In terms of features, it boasts a remote control, an energy-saving mode, a 24-hour timer, four-way air deflection, three cooling speeds, and three fan speeds.

It also has a slide-out washable filter for easy cleaning. It also weighs a hefty 81 pounds, so consider grabbing a friend to help with installation—which our testers said was a slightly complicated process: “We had to really carefully read the instructions and decipher the diagrams closely,” she noted, “as the process is a bit more nuanced than expected.” This unit comes with a limited one-year warranty.


This is one of the more expensive AC units on our list, and not just because it can cool an area up to 250 square feet. It also includes more modes than most units — four different settings for 1) cooling, 2) using only the fan, 3) saving as much energy as possible, and 4) dehumidifying.

There’s a dual motor and cross flow design for more accurate air control, and a timer for schedules throughout the day. If noise bothers you a lot when trying to sleep, consider this model; it has been rated as one of the quietest AC units around.

#5 Frigidaire 10,000 BTU 

The 10,0000-BTU Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 is an optimal pick for rooms up to 450 square feet. It earned top marks from online reviewers for its straightforward, helpful manual, and its quick, efficient cooling. It features expandable side panels (to fit windows up to 36 inches), eight-way air deflection, a temperature-sensing remote control, a low-power energy-saving start, and a programmable 24-hour timer. Plus, it has a built-in air ionizer, which is especially helpful for people with allergies.

Also, its eco-mode, which involves the airflow stopping and starting as needed based on the room’s temperature, annoyed some users. This product comes with a limited one-year warranty that extends to five years for the sealed system.

#6 LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU

The LG LW8015ER is a tried-and-true 8,000-BTU unit that’s recommended for rooms up to 340 square feet. It measures 19.5 x 19.5 x 12.5 inches, and it has side panels that fit windows up to 36 inches. It has a thermistor thermostat, four-way air deflection, a remote control, an energy-saving mode, and a timer. It also features a few more thoughtful touches, including easy-to-direct fan blades and anti-corrosion coating so the unit won’t break down as fast. Most reviewers felt that it wasn’t too loud, though some took issue with its noise level. Lastly, this unit is Energy Star-rated and also has a one-year warranty. 

#7 Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner 

Split-system air conditioners are different from standard window units because they have two main parts: a ductless indoor unit and an outdoor unit. This option from Pioneer is highly-rated and has a cooling and heating capacity of 12,000 BTU. It uses a minimal amount of electricity, and both its indoor and outdoor fans are extremely quiet.

The indoor section has a modern design, including a dimmable LED display, and it can be mounted on the wall where needed. The unit also comes with a wireless remote control, as well as all the equipment needed for installation. However, reviewers note that this process is pretty complicated, so you might be better off paying for professional assistance.