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#1 Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus since it is an actual upgrade of the 98. It is the absolute best choice for all beginners and intermediates. The bolt system of the Cronus is in-line to ensure better grip when playing and more comfort especially when playing for longer hours. The Tippmann Cronus has been customized according to the needs of the player — regardless of their playing style.

It has a high firing rate and does not chop balls when playing. It costs less than two hundred dollars on Amazon. It comes with a paintball gun mega set that contains an anti-fog paintball mask and a 200 round loader that is gravity fed. It is powered by a 20 ounce tank that contains CO2. However, during shipping, the tank is always shipped empty. It also comes with a paintball harness that has six standard paintball pods with 140 rounds.

#2 Planet Eclipse Etha 2 

There is the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball marker, and then there is the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 marker. This Etha 2 paintball marker is a brilliant upgrade of the Etha. It has been refined and redesigned to provide maximum reliability. It is a perfect combination of creativity and innovation. Its external body has been constructed in a way that ensures a tough exterior. This is an added advantage because it enables the paintball marker to withstand impact while delivering durability at the same time. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, you can never go wrong with the Planet Eclipse Etha 2

#3 US Army Alpha Elite 

If you are sort of on the fence about whether or not to go for an electronic paintball marker or a mechanical one, the US Army Alpha Elite will satisfy you either way. This stock version is a purely mechanical gun but with a simple e-grip and trigger upgrade, you can have a battery powered, multi-firing mode gun in your hands. 

The Alpha Elite is also a work horse. Built out of aluminum, this will serve you long and well, with just minimal and regular oil maintenance.

Styled after the famous M 16, the Alpha Elite looks mean, with a clean tactical look. Made from die cast aluminum, the gun feels super solid in your hands. The barrel shroud comes with several Picatinny rails that you can use for various mounts like a laser, tactical lights or even a front hand grip. The carry handle is also removable, again having several Picatinny rails, allowing for more customization.

It comes with a quick release feed neck that is pretty easy to hook up to hoppers, although you will be required to tighten and loosen a screw with a tool. This is where the magazine might come in handy. Otherwise just for show, it gives you storage space to store Allen keys, a small screwdriver or even a battery, should you upgrade and make the gun an electronic gun.

#4 Azodin Kaos Semi-Auto 

The Azodin Kaos comes with a double detent housing that make any hopper fit, whether electronic or gravity, fit fantastically well. The two finger trigger is very robust, with very little side to side play. It has a velocity adjuster at the back of the gun. If you are just getting into paintball and don’t mind spending $100 on a marker, this is a fantastic gun to start off with. Also makes for a great update from a very basic beginner level gun. Easily one of the best paintball guns if you don’t have a large budget.

#5 Dye Dam Assault Matrix 

f you want the best tactical weapon out there, the Dye DAM Assault Matrix is a gun that will make you drool. What makes this gun special is the dual stack magazine feed option. Capable of housing 10 and 10 .68 and first strike paintball guns and also housing a top loading hopper, you have the amazing capability of switching from magazine fed to hopper fed with a flick of a switch.

An ideal way to take advantage of this feature is to load the magazine with first strike paintballs and load the hopper with .68 caliber paintballs. Rain balls from your hopper in speedball like encounters while you switch to magazine fed to use those deadly one-kill first strike balls, for long-distance encounters. In case you didn’t know, a first-strike paintball has a supremely aerodynamic shape that increases range by almost 50%, with almost no loss in accuracy even in the end of that extended range.

#6 Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

This Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker has taken paintball guns to the next level. Empire products are always associated with high quality and reliability. They always get good reviews from customers. This specific model is based on the Mini model which is legendary. However, this model is a transformation of the older model to create a versatile and highly efficient marker. It has an improved grip to ensure comfort when in use and it also has a lot of upgrades from the previous models.

It comes with a Mini engine that is battle proven and a GS that is full wrap-around to ensure a firm foregrip. This, in return, ensures maximum secure grip and protects the paintball gun from the paint and other elements. In addition, the Mini GS has an on/off ASA setting that gets rid of any potential thread issues thus resulting in a smooth removal of the tank. As a bonus, the new design has an allowance for a drop-in without having to switch the fore grip.