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#1 Elite ARC-122DS

Similar to our all-in-one pick from Whynter, this double hosed 12,000 BTU cooler and dehumidifier is rated for a room up to 400 square feet. The 24-hour programmable timer and included remote helps you better manage cooling throughout the day. Whynter claims it can dehumidify up to 76 pints per 24 hour period while the manufacturer’s claimed noise level is under 52 dBA, so it should be easy to sleep through its operation. The included storage bag helps keep all parts and accessories together for storage in the winter. 

#2 Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series 

 We found out that the Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner excelled in a manner that left all the other units behind and well out of the way!

This, the model achieved by presenting an option that remains practical, power saving, sleek, easy to use and importantly, affordable for the everyday working man and woman.

Powered by a reasonable 10,000 BTUs, the Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, first and foremost comes in three (3) distinct colors that are likely to blend with the interior decor or suit your personal preference as a consumer.

However, the color option is a mere tip of the ice-berg: right after it, the no bucket design ensures that users who buy and use this unit don’t have to bother with drips frequently as it is auto evaporated in a smart and easy manner by the unit itself.

That is not all: the unit features feather touch controls, beautifully packed in a super sleek unit that in itself, makes up for excellent room or office furnishing, especially when its castor wheels are factored.

However, the converting point for the PAC is the fact that it is super easy to install, sells at an appropriate price point and importantly, does the job of cooling better and more efficiently than the options either mentioned here or sold anywhere else either online or offline.

If you need to get the very best portable air conditioning unit that money can currently buy, this is clearly your best bet.

#3 Whynter ARC – 14S 

When it comes to the business of cooling, there isn’t any company on the planet that is as dedicated to this task as Whynter – the American company that is squarely focused on cooling products and the fine art of living as epitomized in the Whynter ARC – 14S  Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner.

Purchasing the product of such a company has one distinct advantage over any other brand or company’s: dedication and product focus.

While this may not look like much when passively looked at, in reality, it translates to better products and units that are made to serve their purposes in a manner that others can only contend with at second place.

Look at it this way: if you are offered a product designed by a jack of all and the same product designed by someone whose specialty is simply that unit or product, which will you be willing to buy?

Certainly, you get the gist 🙂

Powered by 14,000 impressive BTUs – powerful enough to cool a 500 square feet space, this PAC is the personification of grace, power and silent ability.

However, its raw ability and attributes aside, the unit comes standard with a fan and dehumidifier – for use when you are not in need of direct air conditioning.

However, the most impressive feature of the unit that makes us place it in second position here is the fact that the air conditioner comes engineered with a full thermostat control and for the luxury inclined, is also equipped with a digital readout.

The closing deal however remains its very high performance and the fact that the unit is programmable – in a 24 hour manner (besides the point covered in the immediately preceding paragraph).

#4 Honeywell MN12CES MN Series

Honeywell is without question, one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to the business of providing both portable cooling during the summer and ensuring that the winters are more bearable by the provision of portable heating by virtue of the array of portable space heaters the company is in the business of manufacturing.

However, the popularity of the brand is not the thing on the minds of consumers when they opt to consider products from the line.

Rather, what ensures brand loyalty to this giant is the fact that Honeywell products, especially their portable ACs, are not only well made but are equally super reliable and efficient.

This means that, when relied upon to restore your apartment to the nice Age of Ice while you await Armageddon, you’ll certainly not be disappointed especially if you live in a particularly sad environment where the weather is the harshest thing that gets tongues rolling out in anger, especially during the summers.

If you thus cannot take on (unnecessary) heat and are looking for a smart way to work in peace, keep your swag and convert your regular date to your engaged, the Honeywell MN12CES MN Series 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is all that you need to get started. 

This super sleek Honeywell PAC is capable of outputting an impressive 12,000 BTU that sufficiently serves apartments up to 550 sq. ft. and comes standard with a dehumidifier and fan.

Noise levels of the unit remains within range at a fair and rather rare 55dbA – despite the fact that the air con has very powerful air flow that fills up the room it is placed in powerfully and in no time whatsoever.

However, the closing deal on this piece of tech remains the simple and extremely powerful fact that it processes no water that needs draining and ultimately comes without a bucket that needs periodic emptying.

However, if you have developed a taste for the finer things of life or have a taste for sophistication, then you’ll certainly can’t afford to miss the fact that this AC is also powered by precise feather touch controls that feel completely exquisite to the touch.

#5 Black + Decker BPACT10WT

Life is generally great when there are options to be chosen from a plethora of presentations, most of the same stock.

Unfortunately, most of these options simply do not present themselves when they are mostly needed and instead, defer buyers or users of a product to the larger pool option which in most cases, does not serve.

For instance, you may be interested in a particular brand of portable air conditioners but would not appreciate the options that such a brand sports or would be interested in a capacity well below or above what the standard offering of the brand in question is.

In such an instance, there’s really one choice open to you as a consumer: look elsewhere.

If however, you’re not interested in looking elsewhere, what happens?

You’re clearly stuck.

Not with the Decker + Brand!

With this brand, if you’re not in love with the BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner mentioned here, there are many other options such as the unit with an 8,000 BTU rating; the one with the 12,000 BTU rating; another with 12,000 BTU rating + heater; 14,000 BTU rating and 14,000 BTU rating + heater.

Now, this is what we see as choice and giving true power to the consumers.

For the BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner mentioned above, the unit is equipped with a decent 10,000 BTU rating that is powerful enough to adequately cool a room that is between 150 – 250 sq. ft. large.

Designed in a bucket-less design that is further powered by an impressive 24 hours on/off timer with a reliable sleep mode, the PAC is both smart and convenient for use all year round and at all times of the day especially when one factors the fact that it also features a fan and a dehumidifier.

Another plus of this air conditioner is the simple fact that its LED display is crisp, smart and easily readable, even from a distance or a far off angle.

However, the most important deal closer of the unit remains its castor wheels and the ability of the unit to be moved easily from room to room or place to place via its integrated carry handles.

#6 LG LP1217GSR 

The LG 8,000 is a dynamic and reasonably priced air conditioner that offers quality performance for less. Coming in at a remarkable price point, the LG snags the spot for best cheap portable air conditioner on the market.

It Uses a standard 115V electrical socket for ultimate ease of use and simple installation. Adjustable fan allows you to precisely aim the airflow for ultra flexibility

#7 Friedrich PH14B ZoneAire Series

Powered by an impressive 13,500 BTU, the Friedrich PH14B ZoneAire Series Portable Room Air Conditioner is powerful enough to power closed spaces and large rooms of up to 700 sq ft.

This power, it is to be understood, extends through its quadratic  function: AC, fan, space heater and dehumidifier.

What this ultimately means is that, irrespective of the room size (as long as it is under 700 sq. ft.), this unit will perform its magic in the most brilliant and satisfactory of manners irrespective of the particular function that is desired or the portable unit is put to serve.

The efficiency of the Friedrich PH14B ZoneAire Series Portable Room Air Conditioner, however, as far as cooling is concerned, is not premised on its super impressive BTUs alone.

As a matter of fact, the practical design of the PAC also contributes immensely towards its fast and super efficient cooling.

For instance, instead of the customary one way hose that most such units deploy, this PAC is designed in a dual hose manner – a design that sees to it that air conditioned air is returned to the room rather than vented outside.

This smart forethought in the design process of this PAC alone sees to it that it is actually cools about 40% faster when compared to single hose designs.

With its 3 fan speeds, 6 feet power cord and remote control operation (all geared towards placing the user in charge), this AC is one that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

However, its closing deal remains that besides the plethora of features and smart options that makes users attracted to it, this unit is very easy to install and as a matter of fact, does not need professional help in order to get things up and going.