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Gone are the days when computer monitors were all relatively similar to one another. With the rise of new technology, the types of displays themselves have changed dramatically in recent times and if you’re looking for a computer monitor nowadays there are numerous factors that you need to take into account.

Among all these factors the first you’re probably going to want to consider is the various types of PC monitors that are out there.

CRT Computer Monitor

Even if you’re no expert on PC monitors you should be able to spot a CRT monitor when you see it. These are commonly known as ‘older’ monitors and they tend to be bulky in nature and somewhat resemble older TVs too.

Although many people think that CRT monitors are obsolete – that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact if you were to read monitor reviews you’d realize that although CRT monitors may be based on older technology they really surpass their more modern (LCD) counterparts in several ways:

  • CRT monitors are able to emulate real colors a lot better than LCD monitors
  • CRT monitors ‘update’ faster than LCD monitors and thus have less ‘ghosting’ issues which is especially evident for high-end gamers

LCD Computer Monitor

As we mentioned earlier, LCD PC monitors are the modern monitors that you find in most places. Compared to CRT monitors, they are slim in profile. It isn’t just their looks that make them so popular nowadays though. LCD monitors have advantages of their own too:

  • LCD monitors consume less electricity than CRT monitors
  • LCD monitors cause considerably less eye strain than CRT monitors

LED Computer Monitor

Over the last year or so, a new computer monitor technology has emerged and nowadays LED PC monitors are starting to really catch on. While very similar to LCD monitors, the difference in the type of back lighting used can cause some marked differences.

In general, the color on LED monitors is said to be better than LCDs though you need to bear in mind that the quality of the screen itself can affect this.

Regardless – you should now at least have some idea of the three main types of PC monitors that are currently on the market, and it is up to you to decide which one is going to suit your needs most.

If you’re interested in the quality of the color emulation – CRT monitors still stand out above most of their more ‘modern’ equivalents. However if you’re looking for a practical screen that is easy on the eyes – LED or LCD technology is great.

Bear in mind that the difference in quality is really almost unnoticeable in most situations especially involving high end LED and LCD monitors.

All things said and done – you should consider your budget, read up on as many monitor reviews as you can and then come to an informed decision!